Letter from the Editor

In this edition of TOWER, we celebrate all the things that make OKWU special. But more importantly, we tell the stories of individuals who exemplify unity in the body of Christ—from the classroom to the boardroom, to the living room, to the mission field, and beyond.

Letter from the Editor

In this edition of the TOWER, we invite you back into our classrooms for a discussion on Collision Points—those intersections where faith and culture collide.  If you’re anything like me, it is easy to see these as points of contention, rather than opportunities to engage the world with Truth.  In reading these reflections by OKWU professors, our alumni, and JMI Scholar in Residence, Abdu Murray, I have … Continued

Go: A Letter from the Editor

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. [Matthew 28:19] Go. Two letters that introduce the Great Commission—a rallying cry for a global … Continued

The Legacy of La Quinta Mansion

La Quinta Mansion has stood for over eighty years in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Having first been built in the 1930s for the local oilman H.V. Foster, it changed ownership several times afterwards until it eventually came to serve as a campus center for … Continued

Work is Worship: Alumni Interviews

Oklahoma Wesleyan is a unique university, comprised of gorgeous Spanish style architecture, a nationally recognized faculty, and a diverse student body. But these are not the only distinctive markers of the University. Oklahoma Wesleyan University is unique in the strong … Continued

Segregation vs. Integration

“What you have just seen is the difference between those who voted on the basis of religion versus those who voted on the basis of science.” Ron Reagan, 2004

It was ten years ago: Presidential election night, 2004. Ron Reagan, the left-leaning son of the former president, was serving as a political commentator for CNN. As the polling booths closed and the nation’s votes were being counted, a major newsflash was developing. It was the story of the “values voters”—the millions of people who said in the exit polls that morality, social standards, and, yes, even religion had been a determining factor in their respective votes. It was a story about “red states” vs. “blue states.” In Ron Reagan’s opinion, it was a story about science vs. religion.

Eagles in Action

Fall 2013 was a booming season for OKWU athletics. With a National NAIA Elite 8 appearance, individual NAIA qualifiers, and introduction of a new women’s sport, the Eagles brought glory to God on the court, the field, and the green.

The men’s and women’s CROSS COUNTRY teams both finished third at the MCAC Cross Country Championships. Senior Allie Antrim, a four year qualifier, and Freshman Sarah Sharp both qualified for the NAIA National Championships.