Then and Now: La Quinta Through the Years

The occupants of La Quinta Mansion have changed several times throughout its history, from the Foster family to military prep recruits to university students. This last group has occupied the Mansion the longest, with several schools calling it home. Here … Continued

La Quinta’s Timeline

Just in case anyone is not familiar with La Quinta’s history and the people involved with the building, this timeline may prove useful for clearing up the many different forms the Mansion has taken.  

Keeping La Quinta Beautiful

Renovation of the historical building focuses on preserving its natural design and beauty. With La Quinta Mansion being home to Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s administrative offices, Student Academic Services, and other events for both students and community, consistent maintenance is a … Continued

Home on the Range:
An Interview with David Preston

David Preston, great-grandson of H.V. Foster, owns the Delk-designed Foster Ranch in Bartlesville in part with his relatives and brothers. Having been born in the area, he later moved to Memphis, Tennessee before attending the University of Kansas and then … Continued

The Man Behind the Mansion

Edward Delk was a globetrotting American architect who used his travels as inspiration for his now-famous body of work. In early ‘30s industrial America, Spanish-style architecture was becoming the epitome of a stylish home. Starting in California and moving across … Continued

The Mansion in the Media

Serving as the central building of Oklahoma Wesleyan’s campus, La Quinta Mansion has become fairly iconic in the community. From the time it was built, architecture enthusiasts, historical societies, artists, and the university alumni have appreciated it. Here a gallery … Continued

Honest H.V. Foster

Henry Vernon Foster represented many things to many people, his family and closest friends included. Most who know of H.V. Foster know him by the surface success: a shrewd oilman who became a Bartlesville beneficiary and who helped put the … Continued

Fact or Fiction: Secrets of the Mansion

The rumors about La Quinta Mansion have been thriving for decades. Maybe you have heard some of these rumors. If you have ever visited La Quinta Mansion, perhaps on a campus tour or on a late night dare from another … Continued

The Legacy of La Quinta Mansion

La Quinta Mansion has stood for over eighty years in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Having first been built in the 1930s for the local oilman H.V. Foster, it changed ownership several times afterwards until it eventually came to serve as a campus center for … Continued