Curriculum Development Specialist – Tulsa


The Curriculum Development Specialist for AGS is a full-time staff position and reports to the Director of Academic Operations. This position helps fulfill the mission of the University and AGS by coordinating curriculum development strategies of AGS courses and programs, assisting in the evaluation of AGS courses and teaching faculty, and helping provide support and training related to the institution’s Learning Management System (LMS).


Bachelor’s Degree required, curriculum development or related experience preferred. The selected candidate will be able to articulate a strong philosophy of the Christian liberal arts, advocate for the Wesleyan-Arminian theological tradition in Christian higher education, and describe how a Christian worldview can be integrated into various academic disciplines.

Candidates must have strong organizational skills, strong oral and written communication skills, an excellent track record of writing, and the ability to work effectively in a team relationship with other directors, staff, faculty, and members within the Oklahoma Wesleyan University community.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University seeks a person with an enthusiastic and maturing Christian faith who has an understanding of and is committed to the development of a dynamic and growing Christian university where the integration of faith and academic excellence is paramount.

Examples of Work Performed:

  1. Develop/improve AGS course design tools and strategies;
  2. Collaborate with the various school deans and AGS Director of Academic Operations to identify curricular needs and goals for their AGS programs;
  3. Direct supervision of OKWU’s online bookstore
  4. Work with AGS and school Deans to track update/revision needs for all AGS curriculum
  5. Coordinate assignments and contracts for AGS course designers with direction from school Deans;
  6. Provide consultation to both internal and external personnel regarding curriculum planning issues of instructional delivery, technology integration, faculty development and instructional materials development.
  7. Identify problems in curriculum and content development processes and develop solutions to ensure both quality standards and planned deadlines are achieved.
  8. Aid in writing courses as necessary;
  9. Assist AGS deans with faculty development activities such as preparing and offering training sessions, writing resources, etc.;
  10. Assist in conducting evaluations of adjunct faculty and online course delivery;
  11. Help online team provide online student support related to LMS and IT issues;
  12. Serve as secondary LMS administrator: be able to provide core LMS admin services during vacation times or emergency situations;
  13. Assume other duties as periodically required and directed by the Director.

To Apply:

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