University Provost and Professor of Ministry and Christian Thought

weeterAcademic Affairs, School of Ministry and Christian Thought, Church Relations
Th.B., Circleville Bible College; M.Div., Wesley Biblical Seminary; D.Min., Reformed Theological Seminary; Ph.D. The University of Wales

Mission and Passion

The thrill of serving in the School of Religion and Philosophy is seeing my contribution to the Kingdom of God multiplied a thousand times. As the young men and women go out into all areas of ministries I am blessed to know I have not only helped prepare them, but have had an impact on their lives and in some small way can feel a part of all they accomplish for Christ and His Kingdom. I feel my role specifically is to help our students become grounded theologically and to fall in love with biblical preaching. I can think of no other way that I could benefit the Wesleyan Church, and more generally the Church as whole, than to labor in these areas.

Favorite Verses/Quotations

“Unite the pair so long disjoined
Knowledge and vital piety
Learning and holiness combined
And truth and love
Let all men see.” – Charles Wesley

This quote reflects the necessity of being transformed by the “renewing of our mind” (Romans 12:2), as well as the biblical requirement of being “holy as I, the Lord your God, am holy” (Leviticus 19:2).


  • Homiletics I
  • Systematic I-II
  • Romans
  • Wisdom Literature
  • Christian Spiritual Formation
  • The Gospels, Historical Geography
  • The Life and Theology of John Wesley
  • New Testament Literature
  • Bible Seminar
  • Hermeneutics

Publications, Presentations & Practical Ministry

  • Weeter, M. John Wesley’s Bible Interpretation Principles. J. Coleson (Ed.) Treasure the Word (pp. 37-48). Indianapolis: Wesleyan Publishing House.
  • Weeter, M. Reason, Tradition, and Experience in Bible Interpretation. J. Coleson (Ed.) Treasure the Word (pp. 49-62). Indianapolis: Wesleyan Publishing House.
  • Weeter, M. “What Would Jesus Do? Are We Asking the Right Question?”, The Wesleyan Advocate.
  • Weeter, M. ““The Holiness Movement’s Identity Crisis”, The Holiness Digest.
  • Weeter, M. John Wesley’s View and Use of Scripture. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2006
  • “John Wesley vs John Calvin-Is There a Wesleyan Hermeneutic?”- June, 2009- Wesleyan Hermeneutic Symposium-Indianapolis Nov., 2009- Evangelical Theological Society-New Orleans
  • 2005: The Influence of the Patristic Writers on John Wesley’s View of Scripture, Evangelical Theological Society.
  • 2000: John Wesley’s Principles of Biblical Interpretation, Evangelical Theological Society.
  • 1997: John Wesley’s Principles of Biblical Interpretation, The Wesleyan Theological Society.

I’ve always felt the desire to stay engaged in active ministry while serving in my professorial role. To that end I have pastored full or part-time every year since my graduation from college in 1977. I have traveled speaking for the university. I am currently the pastor at Fellowship Community Church in Bartlesville. God has opened doors that have enabled me to preach and teach in 36 states, Canada, India, Mexico, and Russia.

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