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In the latter half of the 20th Century, the name and legacy of Booker T. Washington underwent unfortunate revision. Once regarded among the most extraordinary of all men, his legacy has since become unjustly tainted, shunned, and even despised in some circles.  It is our belief that not only should his name and teaching be revived, but that they should be at the core of any and all education that seeks to create successful men and women.

“We must not be deceived by the mere fact a person can read or write. Unless he has received that broader training which enables him to know the object of education, the uses of education; unless he receives that broader training which will make him realize that book education is useless without character, without industry, without the saving habit, without the willingness to contribute his part toward law and order and the highest and best in the community, his mere book education will in many cases mean little or nothing.”

It is upon these core principles that the Booker T. Washington Institute is built. The institute will train young men and women to be among the greatest character, work ethic, knowledge, and skill in their respective fields of study. A curriculum supplementary to the academic disciplines offered at Oklahoma Wesleyan University will help instill these elements into our students.


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