THE JOSH McDOWELL INSTITUTE for CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS is housed on the campus of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. As a way to honor the legacy and ministry of Josh McDowelljosh_bio_web, we are proud to hold the Josh McDowell Legacy Library and host the Josh McDowell Conference on Christian Apologetics. The Josh McDowell Institute will seek to provide students and community members with course work, teaching, and research, and assist local churches with worldview curriculum and teaching.

Josh McDowell Legacy Library Collection 

The complete published works of Christian apologist and activist Josh McDowell, entitled the Josh McDowell Legacy Collection, are housed at the Drake Library. The Janice and Charles Drake Library in Bartlesville, OK, will be the only one in the United States to contain McDowell’s works in their entirety. McDowell has written or co-written more than 77 books. Along with his interest in ministry and apologetics, he has a particular passion for youth ministry. He has addressed more than 10 million young people, giving over 24,000 talks in 118 countries. Many of his books and speaking engagements specifically target teens and preteens, encouraging them to come to Christ and remain pure, and for parents (particularly fathers) to build a supportive relationship that will encourage their children.

Josh McDowell Conference on Christian Apologetics 

Each year, OKWU will host the Josh McDowell Conference on Christian Apologetics – Collision Conferences. These two to three day events will feature Josh McDowell along with other noted Christian apologists providing seminars for both university students and faculty, as well as, the broader community. Some of the seminars may be made available for college credit.

Certificate in Christian Apologetics 

A Certificate in Christian Apologetics will be offered to those individuals interested in participating in the Institute conferences beyond just attending. Individual participants can earn a Certificate in Christian Apologetics…. Read More

Affinity Organizations 

Through the JoshMcDowell Institute for Apologetics,Oklahoma Wesleyan University maintains working and cooperative relationships with several organizations whose ministry goals are similar to the Josh McDowell Institute for Christian Apologetics. Please visit their websites: CrossExamined: FrankTurek Embrace the Truth: Abdu Murray Ratio Christi Reasonable Faith: William Lane Craig Summit Ministries: Jeffrey Myers truthXchange:  Peter Jones Worldview Academy