Collision Conference 2019: The Authority of Scripture

Session 1: Dr. Rod MacIlvaine – Truthfulness

Session 2: Rev. James Biesiadecki – Biblical Authority

Session 3: Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken – Challenges to Biblical Authority


Collision Conference 2018: Identity

Session 1: Laura Perry with Pastor James Biesiadecki – Sexuality and Identity

Session 2: Star Parker – Ethnicity, Economics, and Identity

Session 3: Abdu Murray – Religion and Identity


Collision Conference 2017: Being Bold in a Whatever World

Session 1: Sean McDowell – The Atheist Challenge

Session 2: Abdu Murray – Clarity in a Culture of Confusion

Session 3: Jo Vitale – Foreigners, Slavery & Women in the Old Testament

Session 4: Dr. Everett Piper (Rejoice Church Session) – Being Bold in a Whatever World


Collision Conference 2016: Who Does Your Thinking for You?

Session 1: Cameron McAllister – Who Does Your Thinking for You: Confronting & Disagreeing

Session 2: Alycia Wood – Who Does Your Thinking for You: Biblical Justice Issues

Session 3: Abdu Murray – Who Does Your Thinking for You: Issues of Religion


Collision Conference 2015: Marriage & Sexuality

Session 1: Ryan T. Anderson – What is Marriage? Man and Woman

Session 2: Ryan T. Anderson – What is Marriage? Man and Woman: Defense

Session 1: Rosaria Butterfield – Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Session 2: Rosaria Butterfield – Sexual Identity and Union with Christ

Session: Abdu Murray – Is Anything Wrong with Anything?

Session: Drs. Anderson & Butterfield Q and A


Collision Conference 2014: Inaugural Event

General Conference Sessions:

Session 1: Abdu Murray – A Son from a Stone

Session 2: Frank Turek – Intellectual Predators

Session 3 (Chapel): Josh McDowell – Unveiling the Lodz Torah Scroll

Session 4: Dr. Everett Piper – Defining Our Terms

Session 5: Sean McDowell – Passing Your Faith to the Next Generation

Session 6: Josh McDowell’s Closing Address – The Greatest Apologetic

Pastor’s Conference Sessions:

Session 1: Josh McDowell – Teaching Truth in a Whatever Culture

Session 2: Alex Himaya – The Process of Evangelism

Session 3: Frank Turek – Ministry with Young Adults

Session 4: Abdu Murray – Evangelism to People of other Faiths

Session 5: Sean McDowell – Atheist Encounter

Session 6: Q&A with speakers

Session 7: Josh McDowell – The Perfect Storm