Certificate in Christian Apologetics 

A Certificate in Christian Apologetics will be offered to those individuals interested in participating in the Institute conferences beyond just attending. Individual participants can earn a Certificate in Christian Apologetics upon completion of the following:

Completion Requirements: Six of the following options + One Community Action Item!

1. Submitted Book Review of resources from approved reading list (up to two Reviews)

Includes: The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict, On Guard, Tactics, The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Is God a Moral Monster, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, and Reasonable Faith. Full list will be provided along with book review requirements.

2. Attend 2 JMI Conferences with a written summary (summaries required)

3. Attend other Approved Conferences or Seminars (up to two)

Includes: Jim Burkett’s Tulsa School of Apologetics, Reasonable Faith Conferences, and other National conferences. Approval by JMI will be needed prior to conference attendance.

4. Complete an Online Course. Approved course options will be provided

5. Listen to 4 Lectures from a list provided & write brief summary

Lecture topics will include: Youth & Apologetics, Arguments for Christianity, Responding to Criticisms, Christianity & Other Religions, Christian Doctrine, The Resurrection, and Applied Apologetics.

Community Action Items:
For completion of the certification program, candidates must introduce apologetics into their communities. Each certificate student will provide a proposal to meet this requirement.

Some examples include:

a) Lead a small group, church, or community group through an apologetics curriculum (list of acceptable curricula supplied by JMI)

b) Write several blog posts for JMI and/or other apologetics blog sites and/or church sites. Or possible letters to the editor, opinion pieces etc. for area newspapers.

c) Begin a Reasonable Faith Host Site.

Costs: Students are responsible for costs of books, conference registrations, course tuition and fees, etc. where applicable. There is no charge for the Certificate process and approvals.

For more information contact via email or 918.335.6862