Oklahoma Wesleyan University has linked up with Josh McDowell, one of the foremost apologists of the last 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have been influenced by McDowell’s books. Evidence that Demands a Verdict & More than a Carpenter are two examples of a long list of the McDowell’s profound works. Combined, Josh McDowell’s books have sold more than 50 million copies.

Josh McDowell has been on campus and has caught the vision of Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s unique, bold, and apologetic attitude regarding a Biblical worldview. In fact, OKWU is the only institution in the nation that Josh McDowell has given his name to, and we are pleased to honor his legacy and scholarship.  We are excited to now house the Josh McDowell Legacy Library, which includes a copy of every book he has ever written.  In addition, OKWU will serve as a repository of all of his sermon transcripts, which number more than 8,000!

And our vision for the Josh McDowell Institute extends far beyond the library.  It includes the development of a new Master of Arts degree in Theology & Apologetics and a commitment to bring the some of the world’s most distinguished Christian thinkers & leaders to campus each semester.  This will make OKWU a place for not only students, but for the entire region to come and sit at the knees of some of the world’s most prominent figures.


On Thursday, November 14, pastors & church leaders are invited to attend a special pre-inaugural event. Josh McDowell is bringing a team of speakers selected for their unique knowledge about how to effectively engage with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

On Friday, November 15, the Josh McDowell Institute will launch with its inaugural conference open to the public.  Sean McDowell, Frank Turek, and Abdu Murray will join Josh McDowell in addressing some of the unique challenges facing the Church today and the strategies & solutions offered by the Josh McDowell Institute.

For anyone wanting to learn about or even become an active participant in this reclamation project of the Josh McDowell Institute, attendance is a must!