Graduate & Professional Studies Undergraduate Director

Nov 22, 2022




Department: Chesapeake Energy School of Business (CESB)

Supervisor’s Title: Dean of the CESB

Date Prepared:  November 6, 2022

Classification: Salaried/Exempt

The GPS UG Director is responsible for the operation of the GPS undergraduate degree programs within the Chesapeake Energy School of Business (CESB). The Director will report directly to the CESB Dean. The candidate must be dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and service, and is expected to cultivate strong graduate student relationships, as well as internal and external relationships to support and grow the programs. In addition, the Director must have a vision to continue the expansion of the CESB into a strong academic center with the experience and ability to support and implement creative instruction appropriate for a twenty first century university in accordance with the mission and vision of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and the CESB.


  1. 11 months, 30 academic hours (15 admin / 15 teaching)
  2. Actively lead and manage the GPS UG Program to a consistent state of success.
  3. Collaborate with the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies in the administration and delivery of the GPS UG program, including such functions as (but not limited to) new program research, design, development, and regular evaluation of program curricula, the selection of learning materials, and the scheduling of classes.
  4. Hire, retain, evaluate adjunct faculty.
  5. Mentor new faculty to ensure high quality instruction.
  6. Locate and hire subject matter experts to write and update curriculum per a systematic review of all GPS UG courses.
  7. Report to the dean on the activities, needs, and achievements of the program and the disposition of recommendations made by that faculty to the CESB.
  8. In collaboration with the dean, design and implement an assessment plan for the program consistent with the CESB’s professional accreditation.
  9. Build effective relationships with full-time and part-time CESB faculty members.
  10. Serve as a liaison for faculty members when they have issues within their course.
  11. Assist with identifying and addressing issues within online classrooms.
  12. Provide additional support to all GPS UG students and faculty related to LMS and IT issues.
  13. Teach 15hrs a year.
  14. Assume other duties as required.


Qualifications include:

This position requires a friendly, pleasant personality, diplomacy and tact, the ability to maintain confidentiality, work independently, can prioritize and organize responsibilities, and the capacity to complete tasks with limited oversight and independent judgement. Computer skills and attention to detail are essential.

Additional qualifications:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited university in a business subject area
  • A record of successful undergraduate teaching level
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience working or learning in an online course-management system
  • A passion for the Oklahoma Wesleyan University mission and for Christian worldview integration in academic program
  • Evidence of a personal and vital Christian faith
  • An acceptance of the historic Wesleyan-Arminian tradition
To Apply

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