I am 100% Intolerant

This word gets thrown around way too often, and no one really seems to grasp its meaning. We live in a world where “tolerance” is actually one-sided. Standing up for what you believe in is only “tolerated” when it agrees with popular opinion. We praise those who state how they feel on an issue…only when it’s what we also believe, of course. Well, that’s not tolerance, that’s approval. That’s just agreeing.

Islam vs. Christianity- It is About the Blood

How does this relate to the Islam, Christian or terrorism discussion? It is the view of the shedding of blood that separates the true faith from a false faith in the living God. The false faith, by the way, is not limited to Islam. There are those who call themselves Christians whose faith is just as off base as the religion of Mohammed. The difference can be summed up in 6 words, two sets of three words actually. These words are: pride vs. humility, selfishness vs. sacrifice and hate vs. love.

The Question of Capitalism

Like a young child with explosives, undeveloped ideas, naively proffered are seemingly innocent intellectual exercises. However, given enough time, freedom to roam, and an ignition source, these seemingly innocuous ideas may come to a tragic conclusion.