Selling Sex at the Super Bowl

It is one of the ugliest of all games: the forced and involuntary trafficking of underage prostitutes — a game otherwise known as modern-day slavery.

Women Deserve Better

When a man steels to satisfy hunger, we many safely conclude that there is something wrong in society– so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged.

If You Have a Bully Pulpit, Use It

A republic presumes that people in leadership have the temerity to tell us where their conscience will take us if we choose to follow them. Leaders don’t simply defer to the will of the masses. They inspire the public with their heart and passion. We see these things in the Judge’s statement but they are anemic and pallid at best in our governor’s. These are culturally defining moments. These are “times that try men’s souls” and at such times we need leaders with conviction and candor. We need to know what they think and what they hold dear.

Will of the People or Moral Leadership?

Did you hear Governor Mary Fallin’s response to the Judges overruling of the Oklahoma amendment on marriage? She refers to the will of the people as a standard. Does majority vote determine morality? Does her statement demonstrate moral leadership or shed light on her beliefs?

What is This About, Really?

This Friday on Pat Campbell’s Radio show, Dr. Piper and Pat discuss the recent firing of a Catholic school’s gay Vice Principle who recently married his partner in Seattle, and what the implications are for our culture. Is this really about love, sex, tolerance or marriage? Or is this about power?

What Happens When Humanities Lose Their Humanity?

“In 2011, the University of California at Los Angeles wrecked its English major. Such a development may seem insignificant, compared with, say, the federal takeover of health care. It is not. What happened at UCLA is part of a momentous shift that bears on our relationship to the past—and to civilization itself.”