What Factor of Income Inequality is Being Largely Ignored?

The topic of income inequality has been on everyone’s tongue lately, including President Obama, who made it a midterm campaign issue, discussing the problem in his State of the Union Address. While most people will agree that there is a gap between the rungs of the income ladder, the solution is not as readily agreed upon.

Diversity of Views: A Hallmark of American Life

“Diversity of views is a hallmark of American life. We don’t agree on taxes, income inequality, welfare, Obamacare and a thousand other issues – and so we debate them in elections, on talk shows and in town halls. That’s how it should be.”

Celebrities Who (Surprisingly) Support Freedom

Typically the culture of Hollywood leans more toward the left and supports bigger government involvement. But surprisingly two well known stars are starting to break from the pack and have come out in support of freedom.