Oklahoma Free Enterprise Center

In May, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs broke ground on a new, privately funded 6,500-square-foot multipurpose facility to be known as the Advance Center for Free Enterprise.

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is private think tank that was founded in 1993 and is committed to principles of limited government and free enterprise.

According to Oklahoman, “The OCPA also seeks to influence state policy on business issues, much the way the Heritage Foundation does with national policy.”

David Brown, founder and chairman of OCPA, said “This new building extends the voice of liberty and expands the footprint of freedom across our state and nation.”

The completion date is the end of April. The Keating Center looks forward to welcoming this center in Oklahoma City, which proves that that Oklahomans see the value and importance of free enterprise.

To read the rest of the Oklahoman‘s article about the Advance Center for Free Enterprise, click HERE. 


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