What Does Christ Say About Commerce?

A recent article by Klauss Issler, PhD, explores the connection of Christ and commerce. Issler found in the Synoptic gospels- Matthew, Mark, and Luke- that work is mentioned in 32 of the 37 parables.
Work however, is not the only thing mentioned. It appears that work is not the only topic mentioned. Issler found that Christ seemed to also have a positive view of commerce.

A Woman in the White House

Lately there has been talk about a potential woman in the in White House. Hilary Clinton? Well, yes. But she isn’t the only one speculated to run for presidency in 2016.

Lessons from the Past 125 years

When the Wall Street Journal reviewed its 125 years of journalism history, many lessons of America’s prosperity became apparent. These lessons show the importance of keeping both the people and the markets free

What North Carolina Did Right

Last year, North Carolina was the first state to exit the federal government’s extended benefits program for the unemployed.

What happened next?