A Woman in the White House

Lately there has been talk about a potential woman in the in White House. Hilary Clinton? Well, yes. But she isn’t the only one speculated to run for presidency in 2016.

image via AP
image via AP


Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been in the spotlight.

She has recently been on tour, visiting both red states and blue states, helping support other Democratic candidates.

Even candidates she doesn’t necessarily agree with. Her recent visit to West Virginia to support Natalie Tennant had some potential moments for tension, as the candidates land on opposite sides of EPA Regulation- which would directly effect those in coal country West Virginia. However, Warren and Tennant tried to side step this by admitting that they don’t agree on everything, and emphasizing the issues they do agree on: their disdain for Wall Street and Republicans.

This is a tune that Senator Warren has been playing for quite a while. What remains to be seen is if voters will agree with her populist message, or if they will see her as merely an extension of Obama- whose approval levels are at record lows.

Hilary Clinton has taken a different approach, and seems to recently be distancing herself from Obama. Which campaign strategy is best still remains to be seen, because at this point neither Hillary Clinton nor Elizabeth Warren have openly announced that they are running. Time will tell.



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