What Does Christ Say About Commerce?

A recent article by Klauss Issler, PhD, explores the connection of Christ and commerce.

Issler found in the Synoptic gospels- Matthew, Mark, and Luke- that work is mentioned in 32 of the 37 parables.
Work however, is not the only thing mentioned. It appears that work is not the only topic mentioned. Issler found that Christ seemed to also have a positive view of commerce.

The blog of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics explores this topic:

For example, in the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9–13), Jesus uses a commercial term for “debts” to help explain the spiritual reality of being forgiven for sin. Additionally, in Matthew 6:26 and the parallel passages Christ uses specifically commercial terms of exchange and profit to explain the overwhelming value of the soul.

Much like the commentary on work, Christ’s use of commercial terms does not validate all forms of economic activity. In fact, Christ is particularly harsh toward those who engage in unjust commerce in the Temple (Matt. 21:12–13). The purpose and means by which economics are conducted determine whether commercial transactions are good. Still, the presence of economic language in Christ’s lessons in the Synoptic Gospels allows us to have a positive view of commerce.” 

To read the rest of the post and the three reasons Issler found for the use of Christ’s language of vocation and economics, click HERE. 



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