Selling Sex at the Super Bowl

It is one of the ugliest of all games: the forced and involuntary trafficking of underage prostitutes — a game otherwise known as modern-day slavery.

If You Have a Bully Pulpit, Use It

A republic presumes that people in leadership have the temerity to tell us where their conscience will take us if we choose to follow them. Leaders don’t simply defer to the will of the masses. They inspire the public with their heart and passion. We see these things in the Judge’s statement but they are anemic and pallid at best in our governor’s. These are culturally defining moments. These are “times that try men’s souls” and at such times we need leaders with conviction and candor. We need to know what they think and what they hold dear.

What Happens When Humanities Lose Their Humanity?

“In 2011, the University of California at Los Angeles wrecked its English major. Such a development may seem insignificant, compared with, say, the federal takeover of health care. It is not. What happened at UCLA is part of a momentous shift that bears on our relationship to the past—and to civilization itself.”

Q & A

More than sixty years ago, in The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis challenged Christian scholars to enter the “town square” and the “market place of ideas.” He argued that if we failed to do so, we would become “men without chests:” a culture of heartless people satisfied with our own subjectivity and divorced from any common agreement of what is right and wrong; a culture of disconnected individuals who care little for what is immutable and enduring, accurate or true.

Don’t Tear Down This Wall!

Since writing last week’s article several have asked why OKWU is taking such a firm stand. Local radio and television stations have asked for interviews. RedState, the Tulsa World and several other blogs and media outlets have picked up my original op-ed. Many are curious. Why is this so important to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and the Wesleyan Church? Perhaps the best way for me to answer this question is to refer to the words of history rather than use my own.

It Does Not Matter if You Are Born That Way

In December of 2010, ABC News reported that David Epstein, a Columbia University professor, had been arrested for having a consensual sexual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter. His lawyer essentially argued that Epstein and his daughter were born with a biological preference for incest and, therefore, they should be tolerated to the same degree as all the rest of us who are born with our own sets of genetic proclivities and appetites. What difference does it make if Epstein was “born that way”?