The Rule of Law: Symbols of Power

As mentioned in my previous post, there are consequences of abandoning the American rule of law with its roots in a higher law and moving toward another form of rule of law based purely on civil authority. One consequence is an abandonment of principle for pragmatism and subsequent increased arbitrary nature of decisions large and small. One egregious example in the financial realm came to light in March when Attorney General Eric Holder justified the lack of prosecution of financial giant HSBC.

The American Rule of Law versus the New Road to Serfdom

Hannan writes, “The United States is Europeanizing its health care system, its tax rates, its day care, its welfare rules, its approach to global warming, its foreign policy, its federal structure, its unemployment rate.” Hannan sees Europe’s 20th and 21st century path as the new road to serfdom. It is a path that “is incompatible with the vision of the founders and the spirit of the [American] republic.”