A Capitalist Solution

Why did CEO Dan Price raise the minimum wage in his company to $70,000? He saw it as a capitalist solution to a social problem, and as a CEO, he felt a moral obligation.

Are Young Evangelicals Being Naive?

Are young evangelicals being naive about our current political landscape? Is it really possible to unwind marriage from politics altogether?

Is Opposition to the RFRA Really Against Tolerance?

How in the name of coexistence and tolerance, and all that is implied by Webster’s definition of these words, can anyone extolling such inclusive language possibly considered Indiana’s RFRA a bad law?

Transparency or Silencing the Opposition?

One of the celebrated parts of the college experience is the opportunity for debate, and encountering different opinions. Or at least, it should be. Supposedly, in the name of transparency and disclosure there has been a push to uncover universities that have been funded by the Koch Foundation. Is it really for transparency though? Or is it because some do not like what the Koch brothers stand for?

Another RFRA Bill

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Reformation Act has been dominating the headlines, but it isn’t the only RFRA. Nineteen other states have them, and it looks like Arizona might make the number twenty.

A New Kind of Tolerance

There seems to be a new kind of tolerance in town. Headlines screaming with indignation over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) can be found in several news organizations. Liberals will just not tolerate it. What won’t they tolerate, you may ask? Religion.