Equipping evangelical leaders with solid Biblical truth about free enterprise and constitutional liberty in order to better serve and preserve our communities.


What is Liberty in Action?

Liberty in Action is an initiative of Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Keating Center and our partners. The Summit’s purpose is to engage the evangelical community in the effort to preserve our nation’s traditions of individual and economic freedom, free enterprise, and constitutional liberty.

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Why is LIA needed (and why now)?

The Christian community is a natural ally to embrace and spread the message that free enterprise and constitutional liberty allow individuals and their communities to thrive. These ideas about freedom relate very closely to the biblical ideas of human flourishing.

If we want our fellow humans to flourish, we need to ensure their freedom, so that they can live into exactly who God has created them to be and live more fulfilled lives within the limited context of time.

Dr. Anne Bradley, Institute of Faith, Work & Economics



Through the financial support of generous donors, all Summit sessions, lunches and dinners are provided at no cost to participants. In addition, participants will receive up to $500 travel and expense reimbursement for their actual costs of travel and lodging at the Forum.


  • Biblical Bases for Individual and Economic Freedom:  Why Christians Should Care
  • Biblical Bases for Our Constitution and the Faith of our Founders
  • Biblical Ideas Enshrined in Our Constitution and Our Economic System
  • Capitalism and Free Markets vs. Socialism and Regulation
  • How People Flourish

Business casual attire is suggested.

2017 Summit Schedule


The Liberty in Action Summit is an initiative of the Oklahoma Wesleyan University, the Keating Center for Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and Constitutional Liberty, and the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics