Andrea Pina

Andrea Piña came to OKWU primarily as an athlete with a passion for softball. “But my passion led me to my purpose,” she says now, because “The Lord has changed my heart through [coming to] this school.”

During her freshman year at OKWU, Andrea began to realize that while it might look like she had it together on the outside, her heart was far from Christ, leaving her feeling trapped. Through the study of Scripture and strong believers in her life, she began to understand what was needed to gain freedom.

“I used to think that freedom came from doing whatever I wanted to do,” shares Andrea, “but then God showed me [it is] in those boundaries of love he has for us, where I can find true freedom. The pursuit of that intimate relationship with the Lord means reading the Word and finding that truth and realizing that the Truth is God…when you are in that truth, you find true freedom.”

“Pursuing that relationship with him has changed my life,” she says, “and OKWU was a vessel for that.” Andrea’s pursuit of a strong relationship with Christ is evident – in her passionate preaching in FCA, in her worship, in her leadership of The Conquerors—a campus Bible study—and in her heart to reach everyone with the joy and freedom she has found.


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