Identity—it is not defined by our sin, but by our Savior. At this year’s annual Josh McDowell Institute Collision Conference, the OKWU student body, the local community, and attendees at the Edmond, OK, conference day, asked the question: what is God’s original intent for our identity? Three unique guests spoke at the conference on issues of religious, racial, and sexual identity.

Star Parker, president of UrbanCure, spent years in the grip of welfare dependency before becoming the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education—a think tank that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty.


Abdu Murray spent most of his life as a proud Muslim, but after a nine-year investigation into the historical, philosophical, and scientific underpinnings of major world religions and views, he discovered that the Christian faith alone can answer the questions of the mind and the longings of the heart.


Laura Perry grew up in a Christian home but rejected the Christian faith as an adult and lived as a transgender for nearly a decade. Finding the end of that path empty and void of the self-fulfillment she expected, Perry turned from that life to follow Christ in 2016. Today she serves with her church and shares her story of transformation.

As Timothy Keller said, “Christianity doesn’t just give you a new identity—it gives you a radical way of forming an identity. It gives you a unique, liberating, and infinitely better identity than the one the culture is imposing on you right now.”

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