When Jake Feickert chose OKWU, his primary focus was academics. His passion was to become a special education teacher and he wanted a school with high standards that would meet the academic challenge. Feickert’s passion for special education began early, as he grew up with a cousin who has autism. “The positive [influence] he’s had in my life and just how awesome he is, made me really want to teach kids and be with students that are mentally or physically disabled because it’s so important to be able to show God’s love to them.”

Jake found OKWU a perfect match for his goals, from teachers like Professor Gerth who have real classroom experience and are dedicated to serving students, to the variety of classroom observation and student teaching experiences that helped him shape his career. One student teaching experience particularly influenced Jake’s passion, as well as his understanding of how to practice his faith in the workplace.

“The Practice of Wisdom is something that I use every day, especially being an Elementary Education teacher. Going into the classroom and being able to show the love of Christ in that classroom is something I really strive to do. Since it’s so hard to share about God in public education, one of the main ways I like to share my faith is just to show love. The greatest commandment God gives us is to love. Especially in a school, where some of [the students] are a little less fortunate, it was so cool to be able to love on them and give them something they might not always get at home. That experience has really called me to be at a school that’s lower on the socio-economic scale, to really be able to show the love of Christ—the practice of wisdom carried out in everyday life.”

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