Each year, the University selects a chapel theme that walks our community through the Scriptures on a subject for an entire year. This year, the focus was “KiNGDOM.”

There are a myriad of “kingdoms” and “kings” that compete for our devotion today. But the Scriptures—fulfilled in the person of Jesus—provide a stark contrast to the kingdom narratives of our day and age. The overarching trajectory of the Scriptures is the inauguration of the Kingdom of God by its true King, Jesus.

In Christ, every person is granted citizenship in this upside-down kingdom where Jesus is King. This school year, OKWU Chapel explored how belonging to this one, true kingdom redeems and realigns our identities, values, purpose, and pursuits.

One special feature of this year’s chapels was the leadership of a new student initiative, Culture Connections. “So often, especially on college campuses, our culture seems afraid of differences,” says Rev. Ben Rotz, OKWU Associate Vice President for Student Development. “Culture Connections was designed to recognize that our unity is found in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and that we can celebrate our ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity within that community.” Culture Connections hosted a variety of chapels during the year, including a worship service in Spanish for Hispanic Heritage month, and for Black History Month, a focus on the model of forgiveness Martin Luther King, Jr. showed his enemies through his life.

“Culture Connection is important on OKWU’s campus” shared student leader Patience Gitau, because it “brings awareness and unity to [our] diverse population.

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