Led by Men’s Basketball Coach Donnie Bostwick, the OKWU chapter of the Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA) is having a profound impact on campus culture. What started in the fall semester as simple worship and teaching every Tuesday night quickly began to change lives.

Bostwick noted that perhaps the most impactful FCA sessions of the semester were those where OKWU’s own athletes gave testimonies or shared their hearts: “It was when Josh Wilchcombe shared his testimony early in the year that over 30 students came forward to commit or recommit their lives to Christ. Many more followed in the next few weeks.”  Student getting baptized with crowd watching

Then, on September 28th, 2017, a host of students, staff, faculty, local church members, and community gathered at OKWU’s pond to celebrate the new life of nearly 40 students with a baptism ceremony.

The celebration was officiated by Pastor Joe Colaw of Bartlesville First Wesleyan Church, and for many, it was the signal of a prayed-for and anticipated revival on campus that has continued through the school year. Said Coach Bostwick:

“I know the core [group] of students who came all year long to FCA would testify to the fact that Jesus met us every Tuesday night at 9 pm in Lyon Hall. Whether it was through worship, or through a message, or through fellowship, FCA impacted campus culture in its inaugural season at OKWU. I feel it helped push our students to go deeper in their seeking, held them accountable for their weekly walk with Jesus, and provided a place for athletes and fans to fellowship together as one. I believe a revival was birthed this season at OKWU FCA, and I believe we are going to see even greater things happen in the years to come!”

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