As a transfer student, Joshua Wilchcombe was introduced to the Pillars just this year, but already he sees their impact, particularly OKWU’s focus on the Primacy of Christ:

“Our professors do a wonderful job giving the secular viewpoints on psychology and the textbook knowledge, while also integrating Christ—which is so important in a culture that tries to cancel him out of the equation. OKWU focuses on introducing Christ into every single subject because he is everything.”

In the year that he has been at OKWU, Joshua has already stepped into leadership roles, both on the court as a basketball player and off the court as one of the leaders of a campus discipleship Bible study, “The Conquerors.” The Conquerors’ purpose, he says, is to meet with those students really trying to grow in the Lord and looking for answers and “to conquer those things in the darker parts of people’s lives.”

For Joshua, being “the hands and feet of Christ” includes his plans to take this mindset into his psychology career. While he’s not sure what field of psychology on which he will focus, his passion is to use the degree to truly connect with others, just like he does with The Conquerors:

“[My goal is] being an ear listening to them, not just hearing them, but really listening to them in a way that says ‘I understand where you are, but, this is what’s true, this is what’s real, it’s not just your own truth with which you are most comfortable.’”


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