At Oklahoma Wesleyan, we call them Collision Points – those places we find as we go through life where the message of the Four Pillars collides with a secular worldview. Every syllabus, every lecture, is focused not just on passing along information in a discipline, but on wrestling with how each discipline is informed by the Truth of Christ and the Truth of Scripture.

Education Professor, Keri Bostwick, says it this way: “one place where our biblical worldview collides with the secular worldview is in terms of truth. In many classrooms today, the secular worldview teaches students that anything they believe is truth. The biblical worldview teaches us that truth is found in the person and example of Jesus Christ. Our example of great teaching is found in the truth presented about Jesus as a teacher. Our [School of Education] students take the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and analyze it as a lesson plan. What methods did Jesus use? How did He reach His students? Why did He use parables to teach abstract concepts to a crowd of literal thinkers? Truth comes from only Him, and how we approach truth in the classroom is modeled after His teaching. What better teacher model can we follow than our Savior?”

Another example of these collision points comes from Dean of Nursing, Dr. Jessica Johnson:

“In the healthcare setting,” says Dr. Johnson, “the Pursuit of Truth and the Practice of Wisdom are foundational to the care we provide to our patients. Our society today encourages us to believe that there is no absolute truth, that my truth may not be your truth. However, we know this is not accurate. Truth is not subjective and it’s important to incorporate our Christian values in each of our classes. Through Truth, we establish the value and sanctity of life, from conception to natural death. As healthcare providers, we must serve as advocates for these vulnerable populations who may not have a voice to advocate for themselves. We come into contact with patients at a vulnerable time, a time when truth may not be clear, at a time which we can serve as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. We can serve each of our patients with dignity and respect and demonstrate that God has meaning and purpose for everyone in every situation. By Pursuing Truth and Practicing Wisdom, OKWU nurses can demonstrate the love Jesus has for his people and his Kingdom. Our mission field is our job—every patient we encounter is an opportunity for us to share the Truth with the vulnerable and Practice the Wisdom Christ has instilled into us.”

OKWU’s nationally-recognized faculty see collision points in the classroom every day, and they lead the way in teaching our students the Truth of how to Practice Wisdom in whatever career they choose—from education, to nursing, business, ministry, the arts, and beyond.


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