When we ask our students and alumni why they came to Oklahoma Wesleyan, and why they stayed here, the story we hear time and again that sets OKWU apart sounds something like this:

My professor, advisor, classmate, recruiter, coach really cared about me…I wasn’t just another face in the crowd. 

So, this year, we’re telling the stories of those OKWU Faces – the faculty, staff, students, and alumni that make up the “We Are OKWU” family. And we’re starting here – with a few faces that represent the Four Pillars of our mission.

From the students we recruit like Javier, Kaz, Summer, and the rest of the Presidential Leadership students; to our caring staff; to faculty members like Keri and Jessica and so many more; to Kirk Kelley and his outstanding coaching staff; Oklahoma Wesleyan is known internationally as a University that lives up to our mission and pillars.

As an orthodox Christian university of The Wesleyan Church, Oklahoma Wesleyan University models a way of thought, a way of life, and a way of faith. It is a place of serious study, honest questions, and critical engagement, all in the context of a liberal arts community that honors the Primacy of Jesus Christ, the Priority of Scripture, the Pursuit of Truth, and the Practice of Wisdom.


Welcome to OKWU!


Dr. Jim Dunn,



Oklahoma Wesleyan University

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