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Are you looking to pursue a degree in ministry? Are concerns about college debt and paying off student loans holding you back from the career path you want to pursue?

You are not alone.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University wants to partner with you.

We want to make it possible for you to attend a nationally-ranked, private liberal arts college and receive a quality, Christian education. We want you to


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                           YOUR CALLING.


All Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s incoming students majoring in Ministry have the chance to be a part of PURSUE, currently the only program of it’s kind in the state of Oklahoma. Pursue is a loan repayment assistance program. It allows us to reward our students’ hard work and enable them to pursue their calling.


“OKWU is passionate about giving every student the opportunity to pursue the truth of Christ and truth of Scripture and our PURSUE program allows them to do so without undue concern about repayment of student loans.”      

 – University President, Dr. Everett Piper

Here is how PURSUE works

PURSUE is based off of a Yale Law school’s program founded in 1989. This program helps ease the fear of debt and allows students to pursue their passions.

PURSUE will be available to incoming students majoring in ministry. It covers:

  • Federal student loans
  • Private alternative student loans
  • Parent PLUS loans

In order to receive assistance, students must graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in ministry from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and must be employed in the United States for a minimum of thirty hours a week. The graduate’s income will determine the level of assistance.

Have more questions? Check out our PURSUE FAQs


*Some restrictions apply. For questions about program eligibility, please contact us at: admissions@okwu.edu
Pursue is provided through a partnership with LRAP Association.  Repayment assistance is administered through LRAP Association.  Please visit www.mylrap.org for information regarding LRAP.
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