The advisor serves the following functions:

  1. The advisor shall strive to help students achieve the maximum educational opportunities and benefits that are inherent in the leadership of such an organization.
  2. The advisor shall encourage community life rapport.
  3. The advisor shall be expected to attend meetings as frequently as deemed necessary but should have some periodic meetings to assist in establishing, planning, implementing, and evaluating goals.
  4. The advisor must be a full-time employee of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
  5. All established organizations are expected to comply with policies and Christian principles of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. The advisor should assist in the interpretation and understanding of these policies and principles.
  6. The advisor should be available to advise and supervise the expenditures of the organization’s funds.

By filling out the form below, I understand the expectations of my leadership role of advising a student club/organization. I agree to help lead students and guide them to make wise, mature decisions in the best interest of both the organization and Oklahoma Wesleyan University.