OKWU Student Mentor (SM) Process

To be considered for selection as a Student Mentor, each candidate must possess and complete the following:


  • Full-time student status at OKWU­
  • 2.5 or higher GPA in all major coursework
  • Minimum one semester of living in OKWU residence halls
  • Clean disciplinary record
  • A desire to lead new students and hone interpersonal skills
  • Involved with the OKWU community through activities, sports, bible studies etc.
  • Live on campus


  • Student Mentor Application
  • Interview with Student Development Staff

Job Description

A Student Mentor is a staff member in the Office of Student Development. As such, the Student Mentor represents the Office by practicing and promoting its philosophies and programs to the greater campus community. The role of Student Mentor is a relational one. As the job title accurately describes, a Student mentor provides leadership and mentoring to his/her peers; primarily those peers that are first time college freshmen.

The primary responsibility of the Student Mentor is to aid students in making the transition from high school to college and ultimately from freshman year to graduation. The specific job responsibilities of the Student Mentor are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Help facilitate New Student Orientation.
  • Help new students move into the residence halls for the first time.
  • During the fall semester assist the course instructor in teaching CWVC 1202 “Christian Formation in OKWU Community”.
  • Together with a Student Mentor partner, assist the Formation class in adjusting to college life and the rigors of academic life. Intentionally build relationships with new students helping them connect to the OKWU community.
  • Build intentional relationships with first year students through NSO weekend, Formation class, and community building the Residence halls.
  • Help facilitate campus-wide events and activities.

Application Essay Questions

The application will prompt you to answer the following essay questions. Please have your answers prepared in advance as the form will not allow you to save and return to it later.

  1. In your opinion, what role does the Student Mentor fulfill at OKWU?
  1. In your opinion, what will be the most challenging aspect of the Student Mentor role?
  1. Have you ever been in a mentoring relationship before? How did it help you? What would you do differently as a mentor?
  1. Please give a clear and honest description of your current walk with Christ. Include any recent areas of growth that you are experiencing.

Available from February 17. Return Completed Application to Aaron Bunker by 5:00 pm on February 24, 2020

Interviews will take place February 24-28

Sign Up for an Interview

*If applying for both RA and SM, you must only complete the “Apply Now” form once, uploading essay questions for both positions to the application. You must sign up for an interview time for both.

Sorry, the deadline for the application has passed.