Take Immediate Action

Report any suspicious activity of safety concern immediately, as prompt reporting increases the ability of law enforcement and other emergency services to respond or to apprehend any suspects. Get out of harm’s way and be familiar with a RUN. HIDE. FIGHT protocol.

Prepare Your Cell Phone

  • Carry a charged cell phoneat all times. Add OKWU Safety Office to your contacts and mark it as a favorite. Office: (918) 335-6206 and Emergency number: (918) 876-2529
  • Register to receive OKWU ALERT emergency notifications. OKWU ALERT emergency notifications are issued to share information requiring urgent action and to share weather-related delays or closings. You may choose to receive OKWU ALERTS as text, voice, and/or email messages.

Safety Precautions

  • Secured doors must not be propped open. An unsecured door jeopardizes the privacy and safety of all floor members.
  • Do not walk alone at night from one building to another, or back to a residence hall. If you work or study late, have a friend accompany you while walking or jogging at night.
  • Keep office, classroom, or lab doors locked at all times when studying at night.
  • Have residence doors locked at all times and know who is at the door before answering it.

OKWU Facilities

Unauthorized entry, use, or occupation of campus facilities is prohibited. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys to any campus facility is also prohibited. Being on a campus roof at any time or in closed buildings after hours is not permitted. Damaging, defacing, or causing abnormal cleaning and repairs shows poor stewardship and is not permitted. Students may be fined or required to cover the cost of repairs.

Do Not Bring Weapons

Firearms, hunting bows, hunting knives, paintball guns, air soft guns, and other weapons of any type are not permitted to be carried, stored, or possessed by students in the residence halls or on campus. The Resident Director may be contacted for appropriate storage alternatives. Homemade and commercial incendiary devices, such as fireworks and bottle bombs, are a serious threat to personal and campus safety. The possession or use of such devices on campus is not permitted.

Campus Lake

Swimming in the lake is not permitted at any time. The lake is 30 feet deep in spots and has a sudden drop-off.

Crosswalk Usage Policy

For safety purposes, all students commuting to and from the University on foot should use the Silver Lake Road crosswalk located south of the main campus entrance.