English Major

The English Department at OKWU is one of the only English departments in the world where all of our English courses are taught from a genuinely Christian Worldview. In every class, ranging from Comp I to Critical Theory, we present all course content through a Christian lens, preparing our students to take Christ into culture. Our English classes are small, collegial, and discussion oriented, fostering the free flow of communication between students and professors.

On most Friday nights during the school year, our students interested in creative writing meet to share their work. During the week, many of our English majors are busy editing the student-run OKWU digital magazine. Students from the English department are creative, critical thinkers whose skills are in high demand.

The English department boasts a traditional English degree—a degree focused on the classical study of literature and the English language. The department also houses a Writing and Editing degree—a practical degree focused on editorial precision and persuasive content development. The English department also trains Secondary English Education majors in English content.

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English or a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Editing are in great demand in fields requiring strong critical-thinking and communications skills.

Both degrees serve students well in the following fields and endeavors:

  • Business
  • Law School
  • Public Relations
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Intercultural Careers, including Missions
  • Graduate School
  • Many other positions favoring thinking and communication skills

English and Writing and Editing Courses include:

  • English Literature 1 and 2
  • American Literature 1 and 2
  • World Literature Survey
  • Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
  • Introduction to Critical Theory
  • Creative Writing
  • Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
See the Department of Humanities section (pp. 63-80) of the Traditional Catalog

Related Minors

  • English: 18 hours of core English courses including Shakespeare, Major American Novels, and English Grammar
  • Writing and Editing: 18 hours of Core Writing and Editing coursework including Advanced Composition and Rhetoric, Advanced Editing, and English Grammar
  • Critical Thinking and Persuasion: A multi-disciplinary 18-hour minor intended to prepare students to engage culture and influence the workplace. Advanced Composition and Rhetoric is required; students choose electives in Marketing, History, Apologetics, Philosophy, English, Bible, Communications, and/or Pastoral Ministry.

English Faculty

Dr. Dalene Fisher
Assistant Professor of English
Dean of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Eric Gray
Associate Professor of English

Dr. Lisa Riggs
Associate Professor of English

Dr. William Korver
Assistant Professor of English

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