Music Program

The OKWU Music Program degrees provide students with hands-on experience in a variety of areas, including music teaching, classical and popular performance, and training in sound-systems and other music technologies. These areas of study prepare students for work in performance, music ministry, worship leading, and other jobs within the music industry.

Music Performance Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music is a comprehensive program with an emphasis in either Piano or Vocal Performance. Through this program, piano and voice students are prepared for fields in classical musical performance, private teaching, and graduate study in music. The program offers a strong core of 51 credits in music as well as 18 hours of specialized emphasis in piano or voice. The capstones for this degree are a junior and a senior piano or voice recitals showing mastery of performance in a variety of classical music styles.

Key Courses Include:

  • Applied Voice
  • Applied Piano
  • Applied Guitar
  • Applied Drums
  • Conducting
  • Music Theory
  • Arranging

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Professional Singer
  • Vocal Coach
  • Voice Teacher
  • Concert Pianist
  • Professional Accompanist
  • Rehearsal Pianist
  • Graduate Work in Music

Music Business Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Business is a multifaceted degree that combines music, business and communications into a powerful package that prepares students for careers in the music industry. Courses include 30 hours in specialized music training and 6 hours of audio, video and graphic design courses. In addition, this degree offers two 16-hour tracks; the Bartlesville Business Track and the Nashville Business Track. Each offers unique training in the field of music business. The capstone for this degree is a one semester music business internship within the music industry under a music industry supervisor and an OKWU professor of music or one semester specialized training in Nashville in the area of technology, artistry, or music business.

Key Courses Include:

  • Music Fundamentals
  • Song Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Business
  • Optional: Nashville Track in Music Business

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Performance Center Director
  • Box Office Manager
  • Artist Manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Concert Promoter
  • Music Business Accountant

Worship Arts Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts is a program designed to prepare students for the role of music ministry and worship leading in the local church for the traditional, blended, and contemporary worship services. Courses include 55 hours in specialized music training. Additionally, this degree offers four 16-hour tracks specializing in Worship, Music Technology, Contemporary Music Artistry, or Music Business according to a student’s individual gifts and interests. The capstone for this degree is a one semester worship arts internship at a local church engaging in music ministry and worship leading under the supervision of a pastor or one semester specialized training in Nashville in the area of technology, artistry, or music business.

Key Courses Include:

  • Music Fundamentals
  • Songwriting
  • Arranging for Instruments
  • Worship Leading
  • Conducting

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Church Music Director/Pastor
  • Modern Worship Leader
  • Chorale/Instrumental Conductor
  • Church Audio/Visual Technician
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Recording Artist
  • Music Studio Producer

Real-World Experience

The OKWU Music Program is part of a community that provides students with several opportunities for involvement and real-world experiences. Participation in OKWU ensembles, Chapel worship teams, area churches, the Bartlesville Choral Society, and the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra offers opportunities for leading worship and performance. Additionally, internships at the Bartlesville Community Center and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center are also available depending on area of study



The Chorale is OKWU is largest choral ensemble. This group does a variety of repertoire including, but not limited to spirituals, traditional sacred, contemporary sacred, classical, vocal jazz, show tunes, and pieces of world music. This ensemble performs concerts each semester as well as takes an annual tour allowing us to share our ministry in music with others beyond our own concert hall. The annual OKWU Choral Festival gives the OKWU Chorale the opportunity to not only sing, but to mentor local high school choirs while preparing for the OKWU Choral Festival mass choir pieces.

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble, an auditioned group of instrumentalists and sound technicians, is one of OKWU’s newest additions to our OKWU music performance ensembles. This group is variable in instrumentation and does a variety of jazz cover arrangements by notable songwriters like John Mayer and Bill Withers. Additionally, they play a variety of pre-written and original jazz arrangements of traditional hymns. The Jazz Ensemble plays for a variety of on-campus programs and seeks opportunities to play in offcampus venues, allowing the opportunity to share this group’s unique take on current day jazz ensemble playing.


Relentless is OKWU’s premiere contemporary a cappella vocal group. This auditioned ensemble of 6 – 12 performers and sound technicians performs a number of popular musical numbers including both secular and sacred pieces. As a Christian group that sings in this primarily secular style, Relentless does both previously written repertoire with appropriate lyrics, as well as covers of current hits by contemporary Christian artists. This group does both on-campus and off-campus concerts, sharing OKWU’s take on this relatively new contemporary a cappella genre.

OKWU Performances

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