GoGlobal and Flat World Expeditions work with OKWU Students to offer educational travel experiences around the world, including locations like Ireland, Germany, Greece, and Israel. Check out their websites to see what trips are currently available.

OKWU students exploring New York City with the Cheasepeake Energy School of Business.
OKWU students exploring New York City with the Chesapeake Energy School of Business.

Why Study Off Campus?

Make the world your classroom and study off campus for a semester. Oklahoma Wesleyan University encourages you to experience another culture and expand your academic experience by participating in a study abroad or off campus opportunity. OKWU offers many opportunities to study abroad or off campus.

If you are interested in studying in a study abroad program contact:

Administrative Assistant to the Provost
(918) 335-6288


Hong Kong
OKWU students exploring Hong Kong on a study abroad trip.


Oklahoma Wesleyan Hosted Trips:

For more information, contact Dr. Dalene Fisher at