The School of Arts and Sciences Houses the foundational liberal arts core of the university. Our mission is to train students for their calling as thoughtful Christian professionals who are prepared to engage culture in significant and meaningful ways.


We are the front door for our academic programs; every single Eagle begins their academic journey with us, taking introductory courses in History, Composition, and Mathematics from our passionate faculty.

Our faculty members seek to create a community where gifts and personalities are nurtured to achieve their highest ceiling. We are writers and filmmakers. We are scientists and musicians. We are justice-bringers and aid-givers. We seek to see the world through fresh eyes and to take part in a better story, and we’re committed to giving our students the best chance to succeed in their chosen field.

With our variety of diverse majors, OKWU’s School of Arts and Sciences has the capacity to meet the needs of an ever-changing student body. We’ve innovated in our community here in Oklahoma, and are preparing students to take what they learn out into the world.


The Majors:




“I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for my experience at OKWU… being part of a program that equips me with the knowledge and skills in order to pursue my dream is invaluable.  I had incredible teachers, who are incredibly talented in their own field.”

– Andrea, Digital Cinema, Class of 2019