Do you want to be most effective in your field of interest?

For students who wish to earn a degree in business, but who also desire flexibility to pursue a minor in a non-business area, OKWU’s major in Business Administration is the perfect choice. Business majors receive a solid education in the essential areas of business, and have the opportunity to pursue interests in a specialized, non-business field of study. This allows students to design a degree consistent with their interests.

Having a Business Administration degree coupled with another field gives students a definite advantage.

Because business skills are in high demand in a variety of organizations, the combination of a Business degree and a non-business minor (such as music performance, sports ministry, non-profit operations, psychology, or youth ministry) often allows students to excel quickly within an organization.

Jobs abound for graduates with business administration knowledge, and they are not just limited to entrepreneurship. Careers include:

  • Program directors (median salary $70K)
  • Human resources directors (median salary $100K)
  • Real estate brokers (median salary $57K)
  • Financial advisors for non-profit organizations (median salary $55K)
  • Communications and public relations (median salary $60K)

A Business Administration degree makes you versatile in the workforce.

Having a business administration degree makes you a marketable candidate for numerous job opportunities, and gives you an edge to competition by equipping you to be versatile in a variety of areas. Business administration is a constantly expanding area that always needs ethical leaders determined to promote the success of a business. Every business needs administration, whether it is a church or a marketing company, and having a business administration degree allows students to pursue whatever field of interest they desire with definite marketable skills and experience.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, your education as a Business Administration major (either for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science) will include courses such as:

  • Corporate finance
  • Business research methods
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Management information systems
  • and a Business Internship!

You will study under seasoned business professionals with experience in their field, as well as getting hands-on experience with management techniques and strategies. This degree allows flexibility for a non-business minor, which will also give you an edge to your skills by making you a more well-rounded person.

Chesapeake Energy School of Business Faculty

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Business Administration Degree Plan

Click here to go to OKWU’s course catalog, which details course descriptions and delineates the courses necessary to graduate with a Business Administration degree. The Chesapeake Energy School of Business information begins on page 104, and the degree plan for this major begins on page 107.