The OKWU Financial Economics major is about much more than just learning the “numbers” side of the business enterprise.

The major of Financial Economics is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a wide variety of careers in both the public and private sectors. Most graduates will find employment in banking and financial services as brokers, financial planners and analysts. Additionally, this degree is excellent preparation for students desirous of going on to graduate studies in finance or applied economics. Students develop an understanding of financial markets and institutions, fiscal and monetary policy objectives, and how to apply micro-economic and macro-economics theory to financial decision-making.

Jobs available for graduates with an Financial Economics degree include:

  • Pay and compensation manager (median salary $90K)
  • Auditor (median salary $70K)
  • Budget analyst (median salary $75K)
  • Chief Financial Officer (median salary $100K)
Read more from the Bureau of Labor Statistics HERE.

Preparing Christian Leaders in the Marketplace

In addition to excellent instruction, financial economics students will be challenged to integrate their Christian faith into their learning by reconciling how economics guidelines and practices match with Biblical principles. This business program is structured to not only develop excellence in students’ economical competencies, but also to build a foundation for career advancement into the highest levels of professional economics. Students may also choose to continue their education in graduate school or to sit for one of the many industry certification exams.

This focus on economics and ethics makes financial economics students essential in the workforce.

Workplaces need confident, reliable, ethical economists who are competent in their field of expertise. At Oklahoma Wesleyan, we prepare students to be successful as leaders and witnesses in the workplace through their work ethic, capabilities, and passions.

As an economics student, your education will include courses such as:

  • Statistics
  • Business management
  • Investments
  • Derivatives
  • Global Business
  • Accounting information systems
  • Business ethics

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, you will study under seasoned business professionals with expertise in their field, participate in internships, and learn the importance of Biblical principles guiding business ethics, which will provide you an advantage when you enter the labor force.

Chesapeake Energy School of Business Faculty

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Financial Economics Degree Plan

Click here to go to the OKWU course catalog, which includes course descriptions and degree plans for every major. The information about the Chesapeake Energy School of Business begins on page 104, and the degree plan for a financial economics major begins on page 114.