Do you have the goal of maximizing your capabilities?

Designed to provide maximum flexibility for today’s business students, the Interdisciplinary Business program matches critical business topics with a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects. Students who choose this major design a plan of study, with the help of their academic advisor, that includes a minimum of 18 hours of business courses. There are two focuses of this major, either marketing or management/leadership. Together, the student and the advisor pair the focus with other courses offered through the university, such as Youth Ministry, Worship Arts, Psychology, History, Biblical and Theological Studies, Sports Medicine, or even a combination of others.

Effective + Diverse

Students who have a Interdisciplinary Business degree prove to be some of the most effective workers, specialists, and managers in whatever field they pursue. With knowledge of economics, marketing, strategy, and professional development coupled with intense study in another field, Interdisciplinary Business students have opportunities around the world to be effective witnesses for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your education as an Interdisciplinary Business major will include courses such as:

  • Principles of Management
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Business Research Methods

Students will have a diverse experience on campus, taking classes from all departments and from all sorts of teachers.This major is an opportunity for the true pairing of the liberal arts and professional studies that develops the student’s capacity for critical thought while providing an emphasis on professional practice.

Chesapeake Energy School of Business Faculty

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Interdisciplinary Business Degree Plan

Click here to go to the OKWU course catalog, which contains School descriptions, course descriptions, and degree plans for all majors. The Chesapeake Energy School of Business information begins on page 104, and the degree plan for the Interdisciplinary Business degree begins on page 116.