Management Information Systems (in abeyence)

MIS graduates are uniquely positioned to provide leadership in our information economy.

And they are uniquely positioned to do so. As of 2015, MIS graduates enjoyed the highest average starting salaries of all business school graduates. Read more.

An MIS degree prepares you for entrance in a number of fields at the center of business innovation, including:

  • Computer Systems Analysts (25% growth, $80K median salary)
  • Database Administration (15% growth, $77K median salary)
  • Information Security (37% growth, $86K median salary)
  • Information Systems Management (15% growth, $120K median salary)
See information on these and other related careers in The Occupational Outlook Handbook

Technical Knowledge + Skilled Leadership

MIS graduates do not manage computers, and they do not work in back offices. They play central roles in business leadership teams. They bring technical expertise and leadership to bear in the development and implementation of core business strategies.

This is what makes MIS graduates so valuable.

Your education will include courses in:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Leadership and Management
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Management
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Information Security

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, you will meet and learn from seasoned experts in the industry. In your information systems internship, you will gain experience and build professional connections, providing an extra step up as you join the workforce.

MIS Faculty

Management Information Systems Faculty

MIS Degree Plan

Management Information Systems Degree Plan