The world needs leaders.

But more importantly, it needs good ones.

Leadership is often defined as influence, and to be a good leader, one must be a person of strong character. A person of integrity. A person of reliability. A person of capability. A person with a vision. A person of empowerment. Today’s rapidly changing job market places tremendous demands on students entering the workforce. They are expected to work hard, learn quickly, and be ethical in their business dealings. Management & Leadership majors from OKWU are well prepared to handle these demands.

Meekness doesn’t equal weakness.

One trait of a strong leader is meekness, which is power under control. A leader must be competent in their field and have the skills necessary to get the job done, but they also need to know how and when to use their talents. In designing the Management & Leadership major, the Business Division has sought to simultaneously maximize both the quantitative and qualitative decision-making skills necessary for a successful career in business and the leadership skills necessary to lead others to the achievement of organizational goals.

Planning + Strategy

To go anywhere productive, a person needs a plan, a vision, and a goal. They need to be aware of pitfalls and obstacles, and still be able to conceptualize and create ways to overcome them. At OKWU, our business professors equip students in the Management & Leadership major to be well-prepared for the challenges they will face in the business realm. Courses focus on relations, negotiations, and successful business management, as well as the more financial side of running a business.

Character is key.

We at OKWU know that the most important thing we can impart to our students is a foundation of Christian ethics, which will help them be business people and leaders of great character. Work ethic and business practices reflect our values, and our students in the Business Management & Leadership program are uniquely equipped to make an impact in the workforce because of their Christian foundations. Businesses look for people with integrity, who will do what they say they’ll do; they look for people who have a positive and encouraging attitude; they look for people who empower others to do the same. Our Management & Leadership students do just that.

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, a Business Management & Leadership student can expect excellent instruction from seasoned professionals with expertise in their fields. Your education will include courses like:

  • Christian Worldview and Apologetics
  • Statistics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Ethics
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Principles of Management… and more!

Chesapeake Energy School of Business Faculty

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Management & Leadership Degree Plan

Click here to go to the OKWU course catalog, which outlines course descriptions and degree plans for all majors. Information about the Chesapeake Energy School of Business begins on page 104, and information about the Management & Leadership degree begins on page 118.