Essential for Intercultural Effectiveness

For the majority of people in our world who have never heard the Gospel’s message of hope, an intentional witness that will stretch across cultural and linguistic will be required to reach them in a meaningful and significant way.

OKWU’s Global Studies program is designed for training students who have been called to serve within the intercultural context—internationally or domestically.  The challenges of serving internationally have never been more robust, and the opportunities to serve domestically across cultural divides are many.

Equipped with Intercultural Skills and a Theology of Suffering

Global Studies students at OKWU receive quality instruction regarding the attitudes, knowledge and skills that are paramount for living and ministering inteculturally in restricted access nations. In light of the persecution and suffering of so many believers in the world, OKWU students become thoroughly grounded in their theology of suffering within the context of advocating for international human rights.

Key Courses Include:

  • International Human Rights
  • Global Context of Service
  • Global Human Suffering
  • Comparative Religions
  • Descriptive Linguistics
  • Cultural Anthropology

At OKWU, the faculty of the School of Ministry and Christian Thought are fully committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in an ever-changing and challenging global context. Global Studies students will learn from faculty with decades of intercultural experience, who are experts in their fields of missiology, theology, descriptive linguisitics, and ethnology.

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