Reaching The Next Generation

OKWU’s Youth Ministry program is designed to reach the next generation by preparing students to evangelize and disciple youth and their families through the power of Jesus Christ.  Youth Ministry majors at OKWU are given both biblical and pastoral training and hands-on experiences in youth ministry settings, leading to a bachelor’s degree and ordination in the Wesleyan Church.

The Youth Ministry program aims to equip the student with:

  • A biblical foundation, philosophy and strategy to minister to the youth and college culture.
  • Awareness and understanding of contemporary issues and needs of youth and their families.
  • Practical and pragmatic skills to communicate biblical truths to the known needs of youth.
  • Necessary skills to evangelize teens and college students and to nurture them toward mature Christian discipleship.
  • Hands-on experience through internships, supervised practicum, and youth events.

Key Courses in Youth Ministry Includes:

  • Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • Strategy and programming for Youth Ministry
  • Leadership and Management of ministry
  • Transformational Youth Ministry
  • Mobilizing Youth for Missions

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, you will put what you have learned into practice through Christian Service early on in your program and in internships as an upperclassman.  You will learn from faculty who all have multiple years of ministry experience and expertise, as well as adjuncts who are actively engaged daily in youth ministry enterprises.