Have you been called to minister to others?

Do you feel the need to be especially equipped to do so?

This degree combines the Pastoral Ministry major with extra Biblical and Theological Studies courses to give the pastor a superior knowledge of the Bible.

The need for specially trained pastors is critical in our nation and abroad.

Although careers following a Pastoral Ministry/Biblical and Theological Studies major may not be the highest paying, job opportunities are everywhere for a heart infused with passion.

Job possibilities include:

  • Head pastor (Median salary $50K)
  • Associate pastor (Median salary $45K)
  • Youth/Family pastor (Median salary $40K)
  • Program director (Median salary $50K)
  • Missionary (Median salary $35K)
Read more at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website HERE.

Discipleship + In-depth Knowledge

Pastors who specialize in the knowledge of Scripture are uniquely equipped to train, disciple, encourage, counsel, rebuke, and lead a church and its people. At Oklahoma Wesleyan, your education as a Pastoral Ministry/Biblical and Theological Studies major will include courses like:

  • Pastoral counseling
  • Greek I-IV
  • Systematic Theology
  • A variety of Bible Literature courses
  • Homiletics
  • Church administration… and more!

This major fulfills the requirements for ordination in the Wesleyan Church. Due to the critical importance of learning Koine Greek for serious study of the New Testament, only a Bachelor of Arts is offered for students interested in this degree.

School of Ministry and Christian Thought Faculty

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Pastoral Ministry/Biblical and Theological Studies Degree Plan

Click here to go to the OKWU catalog of courses required for graduation. Information about the School of Ministry and Christian Thought starts on page 181, and the degree plan for this major begins on page 198).