Our vision is to be Christ’s hands and heart to touch the world one person, family, and community at a time.

The School of Nursing seeks to prepare nurse generalists with knowledge of biological, physical, social and behavioral sciences, enhanced by a background in the humanities and the Christian faith. A unique aspect of nursing education at OKWU is the refinement of knowledge regarding the spiritual dimension of client care and a focus on the whole person as a thinking, feeling, and believing individual.


OKWU’s plan of study for the BSN includes general education courses in various fields, especially the natural sciences, as well as cutting edge Nursing major courses such as:

  • Nursing Informatics
  • Nursing Interculturally
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Spiritual Aspects of Nursing
  • Leadership in Nursing

School of Nursing Highlights

  • 100% NCLEX pass rate for 2018
  • Simulation Lab
  • Wide variety of clinical experiences
  • International and national mission trips

IMPORTANT INFO for Prospective Residential Students

If you have any additional questions, contact bsn@okwu.edu or call 1.866.668.6834 (toll free).