Prof Dalene Fisher

Dalene Fisher

Dean, Assistant Provost, Assistant Professor of English

La Quinta Mansion, Academic Wing

Dalene Fisher

Through family connections, Dr. Dalene Fisher has been a part of the OKWU community since before she was born. After graduating with her B.S. she went in to gain her M.A. from Union Institute and University, and then her Ph.D. from the University of Kent, in Canterbury, U.K.

For Fisher, it’s her passion for the subject matter that makes the job worthwhile. Preparing critical thinkers and storytellers is a mandate not only vital to a student’s personal and professional development, but to the student as a believer in Jesus Christ. She’s driven to inspire students to listen well, and in turn to communicate well.

“I hope students learn to ask meaningful questions. Life is complex, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I want them to know that the most complex questions require meaningful engagement so that simple, practical answers become possible. I want them to learn to communicate life’s complexities in simple, meaningful, winsome ways.”


Composition I and II

Intro to Literature

Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

English Literature I and II

World Literature

Advanced Composition and Rhetoric


Lewis Fellowship

Publications and Presentation:

  • Sutton, Gentry, and Dalene Fisher. Academic Writing and the Emerging Scholar. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2018.
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