Professor Monica Epperson with background

Monica Epperson

Director of Academic Enhancement, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Haltom Student Center

Monica Epperson

Professor Monica Epperson has dedicated her life to the study and application of psychology. She received her B.S. from Northeastern State University and her M.A. from Liberty University. She’s been involved in the OKWU community for years, having first designed emotional intelligence courses for the Chesapeake Energy School of Business. In addition to her work with the psychology program, Epperson takes great pleasure and pride in her work with high school students through OKWU Prep.

“What I love about teaching psychology is the integrated approach. I love looking at theorists and where they were coming from in their own personal experience and background, those things that caused them or influenced them to create that theory. And then what I love is challenging that theory and their background through the person of Jesus Christ.”


General Psychology

Positive Psychology


  • A Heart with Two Homes. Exlibris, 2007.
  • Bounce. My Journey Books, 2011.
  • KidWorks, A Support Group Curriculum for Children of Divorce. ChristianWorks, 2012.


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