Professor Bill Vieux with background

William Vieux

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Chapel Fine Arts Building

William Vieux

Dr. Bill Vieux received his B.S.W. and M.S.W. from the University of Kansas, achieving his Ph.D. through Northcentral University. Through the study and teaching of psychology, Vieux’s passion is to see a community built, dedicated to the reconciliation of the broken relationship between human beings and the Lord. After spending time as a private practice psychotherapist, he came to OKWU in order to be able to influence others in their calling – a psychologist to other psychologists.

“I love being able to share with people the fact that, to be good at psychology or psychotherapy or case management – anything that has to do with interacting with other people – you must have a supernatural love for people. For me, I know it is from the Holy Spirit. There are days that I suppose I can go through the paces, but when I’m in my right mind I feel comfortable when I’m sitting with someone because I sense that the Spirit is coming and is with us. Once that happens, I’m okay. I don’t have anxiety anymore; I don’t worry about it. And to be able to teach people that, in this setting, it would be hard to do that at a regular university. I am grateful and I love to be able to tell my students that I love them. I always tell them, ‘I know it sounds weird, but I still love you anyway.’”


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