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The OKWU Young Alumnus of the Year Award is given to an individual who is under the age of 40 and serves the church, community, and Oklahoma Wesleyan above and beyond the call. This year’s recipient, Trevor Shakiba, was nominated with enthusiasm by fellow alums, especially for his service to OKWU’s students.

Trevor started his undergraduate career in Miami, Florida, but ended up in Oklahoma looking for a Christian college. After a visit to then-BWC, Trevor says, he “chose OKWU based on the visit and the friendly faculty and students. Looking back, there was clearly a divine plan.”

As a student at OKWU, Trevor was already an entrepreneur as some of his favorite times revolved around starting “two of the most dynamic clubs ever in the history of OKWU: The Ping Pong BCS club along with the first ever Weight Room Club. I was commissioner and president of both. [There were] tons of laughs, and perhaps a few minor injuries.”

Trevor graduated from OKWU in 2003 with a dual-degree in Business Administration and Mathematics. OKWU’s Four Pillars affected Trevor not only during his time here, but especially in the years since his graduation:

“Academically I was a good student, but spiritually I was immature (as many of my classmates would attest to). I knew the truth, but didn’t pursue it with passion. I’ve matured since then and deeply believe in the 4Ps while trying to model Christ’s life as a husband and a father.”

Megan England - trevor-shakibaA native of Houston, Texas, Trevor and his wife, Christina, own multiple businesses. Their primary business venture is The Shakiba Group; a financial planning and investment firm through Ameriprise Financial. The Shakiba Group serves approximately 300 clients and manages $250 million in assets. The Shakibas also recently became a family of three, as they welcomed baby Tobias James Shakiba in February. Additionally, Trevor recently became a member of the Oklahoma Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees.

Along with serving on the board, this past year, Trevor’s organization formed a year-round co-op partnership with Oklahoma Wesleyan, offering opportunities for OKWU students to gain real-world work experience with The Shakiba Group. One of those students, Gabriel Flores, says he had a great experience working with Trevor, “he is a great person and will help you with anything…[The Shakiba Group] has a very friendly environment…they guide you, support you…and recognize hard work.”

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